The Skinny

Gerald  (pronounced with a hard “G”) McCullouch received international recognition as Bobby Dawson (‘the gun guy’) on the global hit TV show CSI and as a recurring guest host of ‘FYE!’ on E!TV. His critically praised performances as “Roger Beam” in the BearCity Franchise has further expanded his multinational recognition. He was consequently listed as one of the most compelling people of the year by OUT Magazine in their  OUT 100 alongside Ricky Martin, Alan Cumming, Rachel Maddow and others.

He played “Jesus” in the European tour of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, is an award-winning filmmaker whose films have received distribution and acclaim worldwide, and worked with folks from Jeff Goldblum to Robert Redford, from Natalie Portman to Heather Locklear, from Liev Schreiber to William Shatner and many others in a myriad of TV shows and films, numerous NY, LA and regional theatre productions and buttloads of commercials and print campaigns. He once appeared in two different billboards simultaneously in Times Square and on Sunset Boulevard.

He’s received featured articles and mentions on TMZ, The New York Daily News, LA Daily News, Entertainment Weekly, The Advocate and Instinct, among others. And wound up on The New York Post’s notorious Page 6 more than once.

  • What's Up

    ALL MALE, ALL NUDE. , my documentary feature film about male strippers is streaming now! “fabulous… sexy” OUT “intriguing” GAYTIMES “Gerald McCullouch is letting us peek behind the curtain” LOGO

    DADDY, my directorial debut feature film is now available on  iTunes and Amazon. Grab a DVD and check out the DVD extras! “nothing short of miraculous” “Five stars!” “heart-wrenching” “excellent” “DADDY Is the culmination of all things Gerald McCullouch”  I’d love it if you gave DADDY a “like” to stay in the loop . #WhosYourDADDY?

    BearCity 3 is now playing the world wide festival circuit and will be released summer 2017. Get ready.

    I won the Independent Series Best Supporting Actor Award for my work on the mucho popular and mucho sexy web series Hustling

    I landed a guest star in the 150th episode of “Bones” (The Ghost in the Machine) alongside Cyndi – freakin’ – Lauper. Hilarious.

    The asked me to write a journal on the BearCity experience. Check it out if ya’ feel the fizzle.

    I was honored (and shocked quite frankly) to be listed as one of the 100 Most Compelling People by OUT Magazine.