Queer Forty Interviews: Gerald McCullouch on career, strippers and his journey to over forty

“It’s been a fun ride. I’m probably most appreciative of being a bit wiser than I was in my earlier years. I lived life pretty hard and it still has its ups and downs but I’m glad I’m at a place where I respect the journey more than I did in my younger years and can take it all with a grain of salt. Which now matches my hair!”

Under The Pink Carpet’s ‘BearCity’ segment on Gerald McCullouch

…Gerald McCullouch: Ending with an OUCH…

“I find it a little challenging to face getting older… it’s something I’ve really had to shine a light on and investigate. And sometimes that shit ain’t fun.” Los Angeles

…Gerald McCullouch Stars In DADDY At Hudson Mainstage…

…quite simply, the sexiest man alive…

“I’m a rather brazen individual and to hide who I am doesn’t interest me.”

…Gerald McCullouch plays Bobby Dawson on “CSI.” But it was his knowledge of boxing, not ballistics, that saved him when a mugger attacked him with a knife on the subway recently…
NY Daily News

…McCullouch, a trained boxer, has twice defended himself against assailants off-screen…

…Not only is he a successful actor having starred in hit TV shows such as CSI and Law and Order: SVU, he’s also a director, screenwriter and singer…
Entertainment Focus

…The hot new Off Broadway hit “Daddy” opened to sold out houses and big buzz: A Village Voice Choice, A NY Daily News Editor’s Pick, and a Time Out NY Must See…
CSI’s Gerald McCullouch opens “Daddy”

“I’d had a little to drink. So, as I was coming down the West Side Highway, I asked my cab driver to pull over so I could relieve myself. Suddenly I was surrounded by three cop cars. I said, ‘Officer, at least let me finish!'”

…His first contractor ran off with his money. He had no shower for eight months. He got robbed when someone came in through his window. A car killed his dog in front of his new building.  Might that get you to leave? It didn’t for actor Gerald McCullouch. He had a dream of owning a home in New York City,  and nothing let that dream die…
New York Daily News

…He’s got ten different ways to smile at you. He’s the sweet boy next door and the bad-ass trouble maker. He’s got the complexity of James Dean and the sincerity of Jimmy Stewart; think Steve McQueen with a dash of Greg Kinnear…
Instinct Magazine

“It isn’t my place to tell anyone else how to live their life. But when you’re at a place in your life and career where you have the ability to affect young people who might take their lives and make drastic choices because of their sexual orientation – isn’t it time to step up to the plate and give them a voice? And hope?”

“I’m scared of the political divide in America at present. And the lack of true equality for every person. The actions and words of many people who are living in a fear based, non-educated world of spin and misunderstanding are breading hate on a daily basis. And this freaks me out.”

“To me, any choices made out of fear, are probably not the best choices to make. But to each his own. It’s all about being happy.”

“I’ve moved around my whole life, I’m not really from anywhere,” he says with a smirk. “…I’m a little bit country a little bit rock and roll…”
Instinct Magazine

…McCullouch and his family moved to Atlanta when he was in junior high school. He got his first professional gig here at Six Flags Over Georgia…

“…While I was in Atlanta I began working as model and consequently got an agent to represent me as an actor…”

“…I got in a really bad car wreck when I was a sophomore in college. And after that car wreck I had to go through a lot of physical and mental rehabilitation in Atlanta, Georgia…”
Modern Day Sherlock

“…Marg [Helgenberger, Catherine Willows] and I worked together on one of the first scenes of the first episode ever and people were calling her Marj and me Jerald. And because she has a hard ‘G’ and because I have a hard ‘G’ we kind of bonded at that moment…”
CSI Files

“…My job as an actor is to pretend to be other people, for me to guide where it’s going isn’t as much fun…”
The Washington Blade

“…First let me say that there are so, so, so many aspects of being part of CSI and aspects of the show itself that I think are out of this world incredible. So, to name a “best” would be too hard to isolate. Let’s just say that in a nutshell, that other than my health it’s the one thing in life that I’m most thankful for…”
CSI Chat Room

“…I think it’s a real shame that people go through life saying “no” to who they are and to the unique voice they have in the world…”
The Advocate

…Gerald McCullouch admits that, if it weren’t for his regular gig, he could well still be struggling to make his directorial debut…
New York Daily News

…CSI hunk Gerald McCullouch makes a sizzling short that’s a fest favorite…a dramatically audacious and technically assured film…
The Advocate

“…I went to a film festival… to introduce the film, and afterwards people were coming up to me and responding to the film, including one teenage boy. He hugged me and just started crying, saying “thank you so much for that.” he said that my movie helped him better understand his mother’s suicide and come to terms with it. I think that’s really beautiful…”

…BearCity casts spoofs Rolling Stone’s True Blood cover…
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